Sudanese army: no chaos after today, al-Berhan  will take over presidency of joint council

The Sudanese military Council on Tuesday announced its commitment to negotiate but without chaos, and revealed that Abdel-Fattah al-Berhan would head the joint council with civilians.

The Vice President of the Sudanese Transitional Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Daklo, said the military council is committed to negotiate, but no chaos after today, stressing the need to reach an agreement that satisfies the Sudanese people in the first place.

He stressed the partnership of the council with the forces of freedom and change, and the desire to reach an urgent solution that satisfies all parties.

Hamidati said that al-Berhan will take over the chairmanship of the joint sovereign council with civilians.

Hamidati stressed during the press conference that the Transitional Military Council has no interest in dismantling the sit-in. The Council is part of the revolution, not part of the former regime.


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