Sudanese opposition rejects military plan on elections

The Sudanese opposition announced on Tuesday that one of its prominent figures rejected the military council's plan to hold elections within nine months, following a day of deaths and injuries during an attempt to storm the headquarters of the sit-ins.

"The opposition on Tuesday rejected the military council's plan to hold elections in nine months," Medani Abbas Madani, a senior opposition figure, told Reuters.

"We reject all that is stated in a statement by the head of the transitional military council, Abd al-Fatah," said Madani, a member of the opposition alliance (the Declaration of the Forces of Freedom and Change).

The council said earlier on Tuesday it had canceled all agreements with the main opposition coalition and called for elections within nine months.

Civil disobedience continued "with the aim of overthrowing the military council after it renounced all its obligations," Madani said.

Security forces stormed the sit-in camp in the capital Khartoum on Monday morning, and doctors said 35 people were killed and 116 wounded there.


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