Sudanese prepare to go in demonstrations, protests

Demonstrations and protests are expected to take place in several Sudanese cities and states on Saturday, coinciding with the anniversary of the 1985 uprising that overthrew the President Jaafar Nimeiri's regime.

The organizers called to protest throughout the country to emphasize the demands of the re-formulation of the state in terms of social, economic and political fields and the end of the existing regime as quoted by Al Arabiya net.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Friday that the dialogue is the fastest, cheapest and only way to reach options that will satisfy the people of Sudan.

Al-Bashir called on the Sudanese people to choose their leaders through elections because they are the only means to reach power, according to him.

The Sudanese president said during a speech before the Coordinating Committee for National Dialogue on Friday evening that the start will be the elections law because it is a reflection of the consensus of the people of Sudan, stressing their willingness to open the dialogue on any substantive issues to be agreed upon.

He pointed out that the state of emergency which was imposed for issues facing the economy such as smuggling and speculation that caused distortions in the exercise of economic operation, as well as the outreach to the outside to provide support for the economy.

Sudan has been witnessing almost daily protests against al-Bashir since December 19, triggered by rising prices and lack of financial liquidity, but it has become the strongest challenge against al-Bashir since he took power 30 years ago.



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