'Sudanese women drew attention of all free peoples in world'

Kongra Star said that Sudanese women drew the attention of all the free peoples in the world, and stressed its solidarity with the spirit of Sudanese women struggle demanding change to a free democratic society led by free women.

Kongra Star today issued a public statement in front of its center in the city of Qamishlo, in support of the women-led revolutionary movement in Sudan, and the statement was read by Mona Youssef.

The text  of the statement said:

"For the fifth day in a row, thousands of Sudanese are in a sit-in outside the headquarters of the army's general leadership, condemning the policies of the government led by Omar al-Bashir, and Sudanese demonstrators are demanding his departure.

Impressively, in the Sudanese demonstrations, there was  a Sudanese woman was wearing white dress  among the crowds on the fourth day of the demonstrations, was described by the pioneers of social networking sites as the "icon of the revolution" of Sudan.

According to several international media outlets, two-thirds of the Sudanese demonstrators are women. In this regard, Kongra Star praised the role of Sudanese women, who lead the popular movement and said "Sudanese women have attracted the attention of all the free people in the world."

Kongra Star expressed its solidarity with Sudanese women who are striving for change towards a free democratic society led by free women and called on all women's movements to support the aspirations of Sudanese women.



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