​​​​​​​"Sultan Murad" mercenaries kidnap 5 citizens in occupied Afrin

The mercenaries of "Sultan Murad" of the Turkish occupation kidnapped 5 citizens of Bilbil district of occupied Canton of Afrin, on false accusations and arguments.

A source from the occupied Canton of Afrin said that on September 20, the mercenaries of "Sultan Murad" raided the village of Qota, belonging to Bilbil district in the occupied Canton of Afrin, and kidnapped 5 citizens of the village on false accusations and arguments.

According to the source, the kidnapped are: Ahmed Rashid Mustafa, Aslan Sha'aban Sido, Hamza Mustafa Mustafa, Abd al-Qader Sha'aban Sido, and Mustafa Manan Sido.

The source stated that the mercenaries took the kidnapped to an unknown place, and their fate is still unknown.



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