Supported by Qatari and Kuwaiti, Turkish occupation builds settlement for Palestinians in an Afrin Yazidi village

The Turkish occupation continues, in cooperation with associations (Qatari and Kuwaiti), to build settlements in the occupied villages and suburbs of Afrin, the last of which is the establishment of a settlement called (Basma) in the Yazidi village of Shadiriya in the Sherawa district, in the name of the Palestinians known as (Arabs of 48).

The State of Qatar and Kuwait keep supporting terrorist groups in Syria, along with the Turkish occupation state, with the aim of demographic change in Afrin and the establishment of dozens of settlements for the families of mercenaries and Palestinian families brought by Turkey from the camps in the countryside of Damascus, Daraa and Homs.

Within the framework of demographic change, the Turkification and Arabization of the Yazidi villages in occupied Afrin, the Turkish occupation is working to build a settlement complex under the name (Basma Village) named after the displaced Palestinians of 1948 in the Yazidi village of Sherawa district, with the support of the so-called (White Hands Association - Living in Dignity Association) of the states of Qatar and Kuwait.

According to sources, who confirmed that the settlement complex includes eight residential blocks, comprising 96 apartments, and each is 45 square meters, in addition to public facilities, a mosque, Quran memorization centers and health centers.

According to the organization, among the Gulf societies working alongside Turkey to establish settlements in Afrin are the Kuwaiti Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charitable Society - the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in the State of Kuwait - the International Islamic Charitable Organization - Qatari Rahma - The Kuwaiti Zakat House - The World Assembly of Islamic Youth - The Reform Society and the Bahraini Charitable Activities Committee - The Kuwaiti Al Najat Charitable Society.

The Turkish occupation continues to build dozens of settlements in Jandrisa, Sherawa, Sheh, Rajo, Bulbul, Afrin city center, Shara, Mobata.



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