Swedish site: Erdogan underwent surgery to treat cancer and suffers from epilepsy

Erdogan's team has tried to hide the latter's undercover operation to eradicate a malignant tumor, since any disclosure of Erdogan's deteriorating health could encourage his opponents, who will begin to ask questions about whether he is fit to complete the presidency.

Nordic Monitor said that Recep Tayyip Erdogan underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from the anus and suffers from epilepsy which is among other possible health complications, which may explain his irregular behavior that sometimes baffles many external observers.

According to the site, Erdogan survived colon cancer and underwent surgery on November 26, 2011 in Istanbul, when he was 57 years old, according to sources with internal knowledge of Erdogan's health. The cancer was discovered during an examination of Erdogan, who was suffering from digestive problems, the sources were interviewed on the condition of anonymity for fear of their lives from the threats of the Erdogan government, which has sacked and imprisoned more than 20,000 healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, since 2016.

His doctors performed colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy by taking samples from places of the colon suspected of possible tumor development. The microscopic examination of a sample of tissues indicated that he was suffering from a tumor known as Tumor adenoma, which means he had an advanced form of adenomas.

With more tests and checks, it was later determined that Erdogan has cancer from stage 2 or early stage 3 and that the tumor is located 10-15 cm from the edge of the anus, which can also be classified as rectal cancer due to its proximity to the anus.

After deciding that surgery was required, Erdogan's doctors began asking who is the best surgeon to perform such an operation, Professor Dorson Bora, a well-known surgeon, came during the consultations, which were secretly led by Dr. Fakhreddin Khoja, who later became Minister of Health of the Turkish government, Khoja was at the time responsible for managing the secret investments of Erdogan's family in the health and medical industries, including Medipol Hospital.

The secrecy was extremely important as any disclosure of Erdogan's deteriorating health could encourage his opponents, who will begin to ask questions about whether he is fit to occupy the highest executive position in the country.

Some suggested that Bora was known as a man keeping the secret and would be cautious about revealing any information about his patient's health, and in the end the surgery was performed at Marmara University Hospital by a team of surgeons and specialists led by Bora and his assistant, Dr. Amra Palik, and was removed about 20 to 25 cm from Erdogan's colon during the operation.

The only official statement about the surgery came two days later, as the Prime Minister's Office stated that Erdogan had undergone a successful surgery on a digestive problem and would soon resume work after rest, and no cancer or tumor was mentioned.

There was nothing dangerous for Erdogan's health, but the doctors simply recommended comfort, said Recep Akdag, the health minister at the time of Erdogan's party, at the time.



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