Swedish site: Turkey has deceived Washington by passing down ISIS, al-Qaeda mercenaries as moderate

A Swedish survey site specializing in Turkish affairs revealed Turkish intelligence efforts to pass on al-Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries as moderates during a CIA examination.

The Swedish Nordic Monitor website reported that Turkish intelligence has obscured and hidden information about the US military and the CIA about the links of what the Turks called "moderate Syrian opposition" to al Qaeda and ISIS.

The website conveyed a statement submitted by the Turkish Special Forces Command, Murat Alyterik, through which he detailed the secret instructions issued by the Turkish Intelligence about how to select the Syrian fighters, who wanted to join the American training and preparation program, which Turkish officers were asked to select.

The site stated that the personal interviews and the process of review and selection of members of the Syrian opposition were considered part of a joint process between the United States of America and Turkey, and took place on Turkish soil in the provinces near the border with Syria.

Alyterik explained that the process was organized and coordinated by the American and Turkish armed forces, but that the selection and recruitment of individuals needed for the opposition were selected and recruited by Turkish intelligence and obtained final approval by the CIA.

The site explained “the Turkish officer Alytrik was one of the special forces officers who were hired by Turkish intelligence, to conduct personal interviews.”

The website conveyed the testimony of the Turkish officer, who said: "At the time, the Turkish intelligence service had asked us to investigate the true inclinations of the applicants towards a number of issues, such as asking whether one of them was sympathetic towards the PKK, or the Democratic Union Party, or one of the branches of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

The Turkish officer stated, "The affiliations of the applicants to any other terrorist groups were never important to us."

The officer recounted that what mattered was the applicant is not associated with one of the Kurdish groups banned in Turkey, and it was not important any other ties between them and any of the extremist jihadist armed organizations.

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