Syrian cellular communication networks, Internet completely cut off in Al-Shahba

The Syrian cellular communication networks and the Syrian Internet have completely stopped in al-Shahba canton as a result of the siege imposed by the Damascus government.

ANHA correspondent from the region reported that the Syrian internet and cellular communications networks were out of service as a result of the power outage due to the interruption of the generators, since last night.

The outage came, hours after the power outage, as a result of the power batteries feeding the communication towers in the county running out of charge.

The Local Administration and Environment Body of Afrin and al-Shahba cantons had  warned, during a statement yesterday, that all generators would stop working.

The Economic and Agriculture Authority in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons also warned, in a statement on the same day, that the region is heading towards a humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the siege imposed by the Damascus government on the region.



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