​​​​​​​Syrian government buries infected persons with Covid-19 in al-Shahab canton deliberately

The Syrian government intends to bury the deceased due to the coronavirus in al-Shahba district, which is inhabited by thousands of displaced people from Afrin, while our correspondent said that the body of a deceased person was buried in the town of Deir Jamal.

Coronavirus "Covid 19" cases have increased in the areas of the Syrian government, and according to information obtained by our correspondent that one of the wounded who was present in al-Razi Hospital in the city of Aleppo died and the Syrian government authorities moved his body to al-Shahba district to be buried there.

The reporter mentioned that the body of the 45-year-old Aqil Muhammad Aqil, who died after a corona injury, was buried in the town of Deir Jamal in al-Shahba district and was accompanied by an ambulance and doctors wearing masks.

It is supposed that the deceased with the virus should be buried in places far from the residential areas.

This step is considered one of the Syrian government's hostile policies against the displaced persons of Afrin. In addition to the economic blockade imposed on it and the prevention of the introduction of materials to al-Shahba district, coronavirus deaths are introduced for burial.

According to private sources, there are other cases of infected persons from the same family and he is now in al-Razi Hospital in Aleppo as well.



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