​​​​​​​Syrian government obstructs internal dialogues

Politician Akram Heiso explained that the Syrian government continues to obstruct internal tracks and dialogues in order to continue its authoritarian and security approach, noting that the Kurds' participation in any political process does not mean the fragmentation of the Syrian territories.

More than 9 years have passed without any indications for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis, as a result of the policy of the denial by the Syrian government and the so-called "opposition" against the components of northern and eastern Syria, and excluding them from all conferences and meetings about the crisis in Syria.

Syria desperately needs the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to brings together all political actors and Syrian national elites, in order to reach a national compact that will be an objective reference for all Syrians, regardless of ideological, political and other trends.

The conflicts are not of a political, religious, sectarian and ideological differences and diversities, but the inability to open a dialogue is the reason.

The true democratic political forces in Syria believe in the internal dialogue as an answer for solution.

In this context, Hawar News Agency met with the Kurdish politician and former the Co-chair Head of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Al-Jazeeraregion, Akram Heiso, who said that "Dialogue seminars by the Syrian Democratic Forces is a positive step, as a base for comprehensive Syrian-Syrian dialogue." .

He points out that the purpose of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue is to show the arrangement of the Kurdish house, and to convey a message that the Kurds' participation in any political process does not mean the fragmentation of the Syrian lands, but rather supports the Syrian soil.

He noted that the Syrian Democratic Council must open the door to dialogue for the Arab-Arab and Syriac-Syriac to enrich the idea of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, thus to move towards an inclusive dialogue for the whole of Syria, not just the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

He added, "The Syrian government must realize that Syria will not return to before 2011, and that is why it must open Damascus doors for all Syrians. The Syrian Democratic Council,  has been trying by various means to knock on the door of Damascus in order to build Syria for all Syrians and prove the patriotism of the components of the peoples in northern and eastern Syria, which is mainly part of the Syrian fabric. "

'The Syrian regime aims to disrupt internal dialogues'

The Syrian government has been working like the Turkish occupation and the so-called "Syrian opposition", to continue its authoritarian, repressive, nationalistic approach based on the denial and existence of various cultures or recognition of the rights of these components. It seeks to thwart all efforts to hold any Syrian dialogue - Syrian.

He indicated that it aims to obstruct these paths and dialogues in order to continue its authoritarian and security approach. These obstacles are not from the side of the Syrian regime only, but on the Turkish, the Iranian, the Syrian coalition and Russia as well, since the Autonomous Administration according to the terms of the social contract forms the mosaic of the Syrian fabric.

In the conclusion of his speech, the Kurdish political activist, Heiso wished from the Syrian Democratic Council to continue offering seminars and activities to clarify all the ideas and vague aspects, on which the regional forces rely to strike the security and stability of the region.

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