​​​​​​​Syrian government, Turkish regime are underestimating residents' lives of NE, Syria

The Syrian government, as well as the Turkish regime, carelessly lives the residents of NE, Syria, the first by continuing to transport travelers to the region through its airports, and the second by transporting the Corona casualties from Turkey to the areas they occupy in Syria, especially Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî/ Tel Abyad areas.

The Crisis Cell in northern and eastern Syria that was formed on March 15, and which is composed of the Health Body, the Internal Security Forces, medical institutions and committees, is making great efforts to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus in the region. This virus has killed nearly 100,000 people around the world.

Since the emergence of the Corona virus in the neighboring countries of Syria, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has taken precautionary and preventive measures in the region, to protect the people and to prevent the emergence of the virus, such as establishing quarantine centers in the cities of NE, Syria and equipping them with medical equipment as a first step, and then creating larger centers in cities and regions away from residential areas as a second stage, and a curfew was imposed in all regions of NE, Syria.

Not only did the Autonomous Administration work stop here, but an emergency team was formed, whose members were trained on how to intervene quickly in the event of suspected infection with the Corona virus in the region, and the Health Body intensified its medical research and was able, in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of PEAS, to reach a discovery that would reveal the presence of Corona virus infection within 30 seconds, and was applied in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak of corona, and the test gave amazing results of up to 85%.

All these measures come in light of the weak capabilities that AA possesses, amid the failure of the World Health Organization, and its failure to provide any support to the health sector in the region so far to counter the virus, although it provided assistance to the government of Damascus and the Idlib region that is under the control and management of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham HTS (Jabhat al-Nusra) classified on the list of international terrorism).

Doctors and specialists believe that the measures taken by the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria to close the crossings with the region, and the separation of cities from each other and the procedures for curfews, makes the possibility of the emergence of HIV infection in the region very minimal, as it is transmitted from those infected with it.

However, what appears in the recent period are the actions of the Syrian government and the practices of the Turkish occupation state, which are underestimating the lives of the residents of NE, Syria and appear to be striving to transfer the virus infection to the region, to undermine its peoples who have remained resistant in the face of their practices.

The Syrian government did not interrupt flights from the capital, Damascus, in which the first case of corona appeared in the end of March, to Qamishlo city. Within one week, the government allowed three flights to Qamishlo airport from Damascus.

The first time, the immigrants were tested on April 5 and examined through the "KIT" test. After making sure that they were not infected, they were transferred to the quarantine centers for 14 days, to ensure that they were not infected with the virus and to ensure the safety of the residents of the area.

On the 7th of April, new arrivals came on a second flight, but it is interesting to note that the Syrian government authorities smuggled a number of them from the airport through its roads to prevent checks and quarantine them.

Accordingly, on April 8, the Health Body in North and East Syria issued a statement to the public opinion stating that the Syrian authorities do not wish to cooperate with them, and through their wrong decisions put the lives of the people of NE, Syria at risk by entering civilians to the area, without tests and checks being confirmed their safety and non-infection with Corona virus.

On April 9, another plane landed at Qamishlo airport from Damascus despite appeals by AA to stop these flights.

According to the information, there were 100 students and students studying at the University of Damascus on the plane and civilians, but the number of those who were examined by the emergency committees did not exceed 15 people, and for the second time the Syrian government authorities smuggled them into the city of Qamishlo.

Civilians who were examined in a precaution were transferred to quarantine centers equipped with all the medical equipment and logistical materials, where Rogin Ahmed, an administrator of the Health Committee in Qamishlo canton, explained that the crisis cell equipped all quarantine centers for expatriates with all the requirements, and that AA bore all of them the expenses until the 14-day ban period expires.

Rogin Ahmed confirmed that there are 65 people in quarantine centers in Qamishlo city, and they are examined twice every day to make sure of their health.

The Syrian government's disregard for the lives of citizens did not stop there, as the army transferred the demobilized elements from the obligatory service to the area without conducting tests for them; in this context, one of the demobilized entered the village of Umm al-Hosh in al-Shahba district without any coordination with the self-administration there.

After the emergency teams intervened and conducted the necessary tests for the component, it was found that he had symptoms of the Coronavirus, so he was transferred to Aleppo hospitals to confirm his condition, and a temporary quarantine was imposed on the village.

In a related context, the Turkish occupation is also trying to transfer the infection to the region by transporting those infected with Coronavirus in Turkey to the areas it occupies in Syria, such as Serêkaniyê and / Tel Abyad.


According to the information received from Serêkaniyê, Corona patients are transferred from Turkey to Roj Hospital.

Regarding what is going on in Tel-Abyed, the co-chair of Tel-Abyed Canton Council, Hamid al Abd, told ANHA that the Turkish occupation is sending patients infected with Coronavirus in Turkey to the city of Tel-Abyed, and pointed out that all those infected have Turkish citizenships.

It is noteworthy that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus around the world exceeded one million and 600 thousand and the number of deaths reached nearly 100,000.



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