Syrian Initiative for Ocalan's Freedom: ban decision has no legal basis

The Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan affirmed that the Turkish state violates all international laws and legislation through kidnapping of the leader and"disciplinary penalties" on him.

The Turkish authorities took a new ban against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, about whom no information has been received since March 25, 2021, and the decision included banning meeting with his family and lawyer for another 6 months, and the Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan issued a statement to the public opinion, in this regard, A copy of it has reached ANHA agency.

The Syrian initiative confirmed that the Turkish state does not hesitate for a moment to show its fascism and hostility to the Kurdish cause, through the strict isolation policy imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and its re-issuance of a six-month disciplinary punishment.

The Syrian Initiative denounced the continuity and permanence of these sanctions imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, "which are not based on human rights, legal, local and international grounds, and contradict the principles of the European Union for human rights. These actions, if they indicate anything, they indicate the fascist mentality of Turkish state."

The Syrian Initiative affirmed: "Leader Ocalan has always called for the rights of the Kurdish people to freedom, equality, democracy and coexistence, this ancient and permanent people on their land, and stressed the necessity of achieving democracy and the fraternity of peoples in the Middle East, and establishing a system based on equality, justice and democracy in the world, on the contrary the Turkish state has demonstrated its strong hostility to leader Ocalan, who represents the Kurdish people in person.

The Syrian initiative touched on the international conspiracy that was hatched against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and stated: "The international conspiracy violated all international laws, laws and legislation from the moment he was kidnapped in Nairobi - Kenya to the moment he was placed in solitary confinement of model F in Imrali."

It explained that this is "the best evidence of the Turkish state's fascism and hostility to peoples who love peace and stability, and it was not satisfied with that, but rather increased the severity of its measures. Since 2015 and 2018, it has worked to completely isolate the leader from the outside world, by preventing him from meeting with his family and clients, and by imposing serial disciplinary penalties.

The Syrian initiative referred to Erdogan's mentality towards the Kurds, and indicated: "The parliamentary and presidential elections that took place in Turkey on May 14-28 were the best evidence of Erdogan's fascist mentality, and his tails from the government of Dolet Bakhjali, which is based mainly on a policy of total denial of the Kurdish issue, ignoring the Kurds and the legitimacy of their rights.

The Syrian Initiative continued: "This reactionary mentality indicates its inability to find appropriate solutions to the issues and crises that the Turkish state itself suffers from, the first of which is the strategic Kurdish issue and thus it will increase the fuse of conflicts in Turkey, and will accelerate its bringing to the brink of the abyss." .

The Syrian initiative stated that, despite the attempts of leader Abdullah to achieve democracy, justice and equality in the Middle East in general, and in Turkey in particular through the messages of light that he released from his prison, the Turkish people with their mentality represented by the personality of Erdogan and his authoritarian entourage prevented this.

The Syrian Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan affirmed: "The faith of the Kurdish people and all components, and sects that believe in the thought and philosophy of leader Ocalan, in the great resistance shown by the leader in his solitary cell, they renew the covenant to struggle, and resistance to break the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan and achieve his physical freedom.



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