Syrian mercenaries' corpses reached to Kilis city from Azerbaijan

Local sources reported to our agency from the town of Azaz yesterday, Saturday, that dozens of bodies of the Syrian mercenaries, who were killed in Azerbaijan, arrived in the Turkish city of Kilis on the border with Syria.

And local sources indicated to ANHA agency, that about 50 bodies of Syrian mercenaries; had reached in the city of Kilis, under strict security measures for the Turkish government.

Informed sources from the occupied Afrin canton had documented the names of a number of mercenaries who were killed in the battles in the Karabakh Heights between Azerbaijan and Armenia early this month.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed earlier that Turkey had transported approximately 4 thousand Syrian mercenaries. From the occupied areas in the north of the country to the Azerbaijani territories since last September, while 28 of them were documented dead until last Friday.

Photos and videos were widely published on social media. Syrian mercenaries arrived in Azeri lands to fight alongside the Azerbaijani army.

Azerbaijan and Armenia have been involved in a conflict since the 1990s, over Artsakh or what is known as the Karabakh Heights, while Yerevan accuses the Turkish army of launching the attack alongside the Azerbaijani army while bringing in thousands of Syrian mercenaries, similar to Libya.



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