Syrian regime controls strategic village

The Syrian regime backed by the Russian air force managed to restore al-Hemamiyat village and its strategic hill after heavy clashes with the mercenaries backed by the Turkish occupation.

After heavy bombing and shelling with hundreds of the barrels and missiles and after 8 failed attempts , the Syrian regime managed to bring back the mentioned village and its hill in the Hamah Northern countryside.

The village's hubs now are witnessing bombing and shelling.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Right, asserted that due to the mutual bombardment between the 2 sides many elements of the two parties were killed and the death toll reached 67 elements of the Syrian regime after 30 hours of shelling, while 56 element of the mercenaries were killed.     

In related context the Russian warplanes carried out 12 raids which targeted Khanshiekhon, Keferzita, and al-Jabin.

The warplanes of the Syrian regime launched 7 raids on Merat al-Numan and Keferzita town and launched 240 shells against Khanshiekhon, al-Jabin, Tal Meleh, al-Sekher and al-Jisat of Hamah.

The death toll reached 2420 people since the escalation on the area of the "reducing the escalation".    



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