Syrian Regime: Erdogan's statements are vain; made by someone unrealistic

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry of the Syrian regime noted that the threats of the head of the Turkish regime to hit its soldiers are vain, hollow and disapproving statements that are issued only by a person remote from reality, not understanding the course of affairs and matters and only indicating ignorance.

A source in the regime’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement to the regime’s SANA agency: “After the collapse of its terrorist organizations that its supports, arms and trains under the strikes of the Syrian army, and after its command and role as a tool of international terrorism and a doll in the hand of its American master are exposed, the head of the Turkish regime comes out to us with vain, hollow and disapproving statements, no it was issued only by a person remote from reality, unaware of the course of affairs and matters, and does not indicate anything but ignorance, to threaten to strike the Syrian army soldiers after his army has suffered painful strikes on the one hand, and its terrorists on the other hand.

The source added that "the Syrian Republic reaffirms its insistence on continuing its national and constitutional obligations to combat terrorist organizations over the entire Syrian geography, and rid our people of its yoke, including opening safe humanitarian crossings, which have hindered terrorist groups supported by the head of the Turkish regime, the exit of civilians through them, for using them as human shields. "

The source concluded the statement by saying: "The Syrian Republic reaffirms that any Turkish forces presence on its soil is an illegal presence, which is a flagrant violation of international law, and the Turkish regime bears full responsibility for the consequences of this presence."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened the regime, today, again, calling for the withdrawal of its forces beyond the so-called Turkish control points before the end of this month.


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