Syrian Regime is shelling "de-escalation" area with rockets

Regime forces shelled the remainder of  the "de-escalation" area with rocket-propelled grenades, despite a ceasefire in the area.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, regime forces continued their shelling in Idlib countryside as part of what remains of the area known as “de-escalation”. East of the Idlib countryside, without information on casualties to date.

Yesterday, the regime forces shelled areas in Kafr Hamra, Mansoura and Leramon area in northern Aleppo.

Shelling in the area called "de-escalation" continues despite a ceasefire.

The countries calling themselves "guarantors of Astana" Russia, Turkey and Iran discussed during the meeting in Ankara the situation in the area of ​​"de-escalation" where the contradictions dominated the meeting, while sources close to the mercenaries said that Turkey has pledged to Russia to make concessions and disbands the  mercenaries of (Tahrir al-Sham) and the Guards of Religion(Hares al-Din).

It seems that what happened is a new Russian timeout for Ankara on the implementation of the old Sochi Agreement, but the latter is delaying implementation.


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