Syrian Revolutionary Youth opens nursing course in al-Shadadi

In coordination with the Health Committee of al-Shadadi district, the Syrian Revolutionary  Youth opened a nursing and first aid course, most of them members of the Youth Center.

The course, which was opened by the Syrian Revolutionary Youth in al-Shadadi district in coordination with the Health Committee in the area, has joined 30 trainees and is scheduled to last for one month.

During the course, the trainees will be taught first aid, in addition to the basics of nursing.

In an interview conducted by  Hawar Agency with the co-chair of the Youth and Sports Committee of al-Shadadi Youth Movement, Omar al-Helo, said that the purpose of the session is to learn how to first aid in 30 days.

He noted that the door is open to all those who wish to join the course in terms of rural and the duration of the session held at the Youth Center.

He pointed out that the course will be concluded by a test for all trainees, and the distribution of certificates from the health committee and the district council for the successful trainees.

In conclusion, he explained that they seek to secure employment opportunities by sending names to clinics in the region and the countryside as well as to the hospital of al-Shadadi after opening in the coming period.



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