Syrian, Russian fighters destroy headquarters of leaders of al-Nusra

Syrian-Russian warplanes destroyed a command center of Jabahat al-Nusra in Idlib on Thursday night, including a meeting of leaders of al-Nusra and allied groups, as well as the destruction of several other targets in different parts of the southern province, Russian media reported.

Syrian-Russian warplanes have carried out a series of air strikes on the positions of mercenary groups in Khan Sheikhun, Sefohen, Kefrnebel, and Has, and Teftnaz airport in the southern suburb of Idlib, Russian media reported.

The raids came after accurate information about a meeting at the airport of Teftnaz, including leaders belonging to the mercenaries of Haiet Tahrir al-Sham and several other groups, and targeted the headquarters through three raids focused, while the raids continued other positions of the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nusra which were preparing to launch an attack on the sites of Regime forces on the front lines.

"We have carried out more than 80 air strikes in the last 24 hours on several areas under the control of the armed terrorist organizations in the northern and southern Idlib villages," the Russian news agency Sputnik quoted sources as saying. "The regime's artillery fired several attacks at the positions and movements of the mercenaries in the villages and towns of Zakat, al-Arbain and Kafarzita.

The source pointed out that the last days witnessed the signing of a ceasefire agreement on the fighting fronts, by a Russian-Turkish agreement, starting at 00:00 on Wednesday, explaining that this agreement was born dead, "A few hours after signing the attacked mercenaries deployed in the region which is called "reducing escalation" sites of the regime in the area of al-Hememiyat and Sheikh Hadid and al-Qesabia between the rural Hama and Idlib, according to the source.

On April 30, the regime's forces launched a large-scale offensive in the north-west region of the so-called "reduction of escalation" under the control of the Turkish mercenary groups, despite a Russian-Turkish agreement on the establishment of a demilitarized zone.

In September, Erdoğan and Putin agreed to form the region and entrusted the task of disarmament and the withdrawal of mercenaries from there to Turkey, but the latter did not implement the agreement, prompting the Russian side to repeatedly criticize Turkey for procrastination.

Yesterday, Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian aircraft carried out raids on the sites of mercenary groups in the region at the request of Turkey and after receiving coordinates from them.



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