Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum continues on its second day

The second day of the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum began with reading the draft of the second axis of the forum, "A Road Map for solving the Syrian crisis."

The Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum, which is organized by Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) under the slogan, "From the Syrian Social Contract towards the New Democratic Era" continues on Thursday in Newroz hall in Kobani city with the participation of 148 personalities, representing the currents, parties, political and social organizations operating in the north and east of Syria, as well as independents, juristic activists, economists, writers and journalists.

A while ago, the second day of the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum, where the co-chair of the Syria Democratic Council (SDC) Riyad Derar delivered the opening speech and said, "There are hopes in the future that we want to reach it correctly to say that Syria is a contemporary country because it is part of this world."

He added, "How can we not achieve its place in its land because we only face tyranny, and we must deal with it, and it is present in various parts of life."

The preparatory committee then read a draft of "Road Map for Solving the Syrian Crisis," the second axis of the forum, where the first axis was the basket of the constitution.

It is scheduled to discuss the items of the draft of the Road Map to Resolve the Syrian Crisis by the participants, in addition to the formation of a committee to draft the final statement, and to take decisions and recommendations in addition to issuing the final statement.

During the first day of the forum, the participants stressed the necessity of achieving the co-existence of the Syrian people with all its diverse national and religious components, supporting the civil society institutions and activating them during the discussion of the "constitution and the Syrian constitution and its principles".



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