Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum III issues its final statement

At the conclusion of the third Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum, the participants agreed on the need for constitutional and beyond constitutional articles immune in the new Syrian constitution. They focused on transforming the Syrian Democratic Council into a national democratic center that contributes to uniting the opposition and leading the negotiation process for a comprehensive democratic transformation as well as putting an end to all foreign occupation and presence on Syrian soil.

The third Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum was held Thursday evening at the Newroz Hall in the city of Kobani, organized by the Syrian Democratic Council under the slogan "From the Syrian Social Contract towards the New Democratic Era", with the participation of 148 personalities representing the movements, parties and political and social organizations operating in the north and east of Syria and the opposition at home and abroad, as well as independents, human rights activists, economists, writers and journalists, issued the final statement.

After the participants discussed the second axis, which included a road map to resolve the Syrian crisis, and exchanged views on its items, the two-day forum was concluded in a final statement.

The final statement was read by the co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council Amina Omar,

"At the invitation of the Syrian Democratic Council under the slogan "From the Syrian Social Contract Towards the New Democratic Era", more than 100 Syrian representatives of the civil society forces, parties and institutions and independent Syrian activists met in the Syrian city of Kobani related to the autonomous regions of northern and eastern Syria; which is the third meeting for Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

The meeting congratulated at the beginning Syrian Democratic Forces' victory over terrorism. The two sides discussed the constitutional issue and the road map for the Syrian solution. The participants agreed on the need for constitutional and fundamental constitutional and immune beyond constitutional articles for the new Syrian constitution, including the items presented by the preparatory committee and the participants' contributions to guarantee Syrian unity and sovereignty and achieve a democratic political system for a decentralized Syria.

They discussed with great interest and seriousness the project of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as an important project to get out of the Syrian crisis that can be generalized throughout the Syrian homeland. The participants also pointed out that the roadmap for the Syrian solution consists of preliminary measures emanating from specific political platforms, which were received by the participants and endorsed in the dialogue, in order to achieve a real breakthrough of the Syrian crisis on the basis of the path of political solution guided by the relevant UN resolutions.

The participants stressed that there is no alternative to a political solution that guarantees the participation of all opposition parties and secular national democratic forces in a process of substantive negotiations that will achieve security, peace and stability in Syria, the region and the world.

They called for the end of all foreign occupation and presence on Syrian soil in order to achieve Syrian sovereignty over all its territory from Afrin to Iskenderun reaching the occupied Golan and all the areas recently occupied by Turkey. No one has the right to assign or annex any part of the Syrian territory to others, either from the major powers that influence the Syrian file or from local Syrian and regional parties.

 As the participants stressed to strengthen the Syrian opposition's vision of launching a series of Syrian dialogues leading to the transformation of Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) into a national democratic center that will unite the opposition and lead the negotiation process for achieving change and radical democratic transformation. In this regard, the participants authorized MSD and a broad follow-up committee to work on intensifying meetings and dialogues at the national, Syrian, Arab, regional and global levels with the aim of holding a national Syrian conference in general. "

It is worth mentioning that on July 18, the Syrian Democratic Council held the first Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum under the slogan "Meeting and Building", with the participation of independent political figures and representatives of the political parties and the opposition of the Syrian interior, especially from the governorates of Idlib, Daraa, Homs and Damascus.

The participants in the first forum discussed "the Syrian crisis, the historical root, the actors and the interferers, the political system in Syria".

The participants in the first forum demanded the start of a national dialogue aimed at meeting the aspirations of the Syrian people in a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized democratic political system.

On 28 November, the Syrian Democratic Council held the second Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum, which lasted for two days, under the slogan "Syrian-Syrian Dialogue, Building and Progress", in which the participants discussed substantive issues affecting the future of the Syrians and multifaceted humanitarian issues. The Syrian crisis, the form of governance in democratic decentralization in the model of Democratic Autonomous Administration, the economic issue and its optimal shape for the future Syria, the Syrian constitution and its basic principles, the reality of women in the Syrian legislation in comparison to international conventions and, mechanism to unite the secular Syrian opposition.

The participants in the second forum stressed that the political solution is the correct and sound approach that ensures the participation of all Syrians and not excluding any party in the constitutional committee and the political process, and work to confront tyranny and fight all forms of extremism and the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Syria.



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