Syrian Women's Academy opens new course in al-Tabqa

The Syrian Women's Academy opened a new course in al-Tabqa today, named martyr Nareen Joudi, which aims to educate women.


The course included 25 trainees from various civil institutions in al-Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor, which will last for 22 days. The course will include lessons on criticism and self-criticism, the special war, the democratic nation as well as political and social lessons.

The administrator in the academy Nesrin Derik said "Women are capable of being strong and liberating their personalities by joining such course, and for this reason, women are able to be strong and free. We will continue these courses to educate women and free them from male mentality. "

Nesrin added, "After the end of the course, the total results learned by the trainees from this course and the thinking of women and their acquisition of power will be obvious and the women will be able to solve all the problems and issues in society."



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