Syrian Women's Council: Leyla Guven's voice confuses, oppressor, jailer

The Syrian Women's Council sent a message of solidarity with parliamentarian Leyla Guven calling on the world to act in support of Leyla Guven and to respond to her demands.


The Co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference and MP of the Democratic People's Party Leyla Guven continues her hunger strike for the 102nd day in a row, condemning the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, in this regard, the Syrian Women's Council sent a message expressing their solidarity with Leyla Guven's resistance.

The text of the message:

"Greetings of pride of the companion of the struggle, which stood against the injustice and said no, that cry confused the oppressor and the jailor, appealing to the conscience of the world with determination and iron will, you were the cry in the face of the injustice of the Turkish regime, nothing prevented you from claiming the right, when international organizations and governments of the world remained silent on the injustice Erdogan, demanding to lift the isolation on the international leader Abdullah Ocalan.

You have entered the Battle of the Empty Intestine, to fight the machine of tyranny, injustice and arrest, to let the whole world hear the sound of your cry that the executioners tried to keep your voice silent, but it penetrated the good conscience everywhere, and touched from Palestine to Syria to Iraq to Europe, to the whole world, all the honorable to support your righteous cry, and the fear of criticizing the jailer has fallen.

We, as Syrian women, look forward to your news and follow your health situation very closely, and you go beyond your 100-day, preventing yourself from food, refusing medical treatment, we will support you and we will echo your cries, which the concerned parties, organizations and governments are still remaining silent, and we appeal to the conscience of this world to support with Leyla Guven.



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