Syrian Women's Council: Liberation of Afrin is core matter

The Syrian Women's Council said that liberation of Afrin is core matter, which is tied with liberation the and freedom of women, not political slogans and speeches, but a fundamental issue.


One year has passed to occupy Afrin city by Turkish occupation, The Syrian Women's Council released statement said that liberation of Afrin is core matter.

The text of the statement:

"The painful anniversary of the occupation of Afrin coincides with the Turkish renewal of its threats of incursion and expansion of its occupation of the Syrian territories with conspicuous conspiracies on the ground and the people in all its sects, categories and components. It is an unremitting endeavor to uproot the popular incubator to resist the occupier and make a demographic change to facilitate the implementation of aggressive plans to crush the manifestations of life, which has long been demanded by the Syrians in Afrin and districts from the targeted cities

We, as women, have contributed from the very beginning to fighting terrorism, building bridges of trust and establishing peace, as the basis of the project of democracy, we have proved our cause with all our determination and faith despite the exorbitant costs, sacrifices and bitterness of suffering. In this commemoration, we affirm our continued struggle and resistance until liberation and victory. We will not rest until the liberation of Afrin.

As the victory over terror in Deir-ez-Zor approaches its predecessors from the Syrian cities, the victory over terror in Afrin is coming.

We realize more than ever before that the freedom of women will not be rooted in our society and will bear fruit as long as our lands are occupied, the freedom of women is inseparable from the freedom of man and the liberation of his land from the uncleanness of the occupier.



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