Syrian writer: Erdogan devotes dictatorship based on religious ideology

The Syrian writer Mustafa Zein said that the Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan called for early elections to consolidate his power after he allied with the leader of the Chauvinist Nationalist Movement Dewlat Beheshli, and after targeting all those who oppose him politically.


The Syrian writer Mustafa Zein said in an article published in al-Hayat newspaper that "Shock and Terror" was the motto of George W. Bush during his war on Iraq, but he spread terror in America as well. Spreading fear was his style to control any action against his military orientation, the means of any ruler that would feel themselves threatened or wants to take unpopular decisions."

He stressed that since the coup d’état of 2016, the Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan has been spreading fear in Turkey and its surroundings to control any move against his policies. Erdogan created militias to discipline the violators, and reinforced the gendarmerie forces loyal to him as they became a friendly army against the «protector of secularism». Erdogan purged the ranks of his party of violators.

The purge also reached Abdullah Gul who is his closest friend.  Ergogan waged a war on his financier and companion in his political career Fathullah Gulen who lives in the United States. Gulen's supporters were deployed in various institutions, the press and schools of the state.

Erdogan used this ideology to atone the secular parties and their supporters. He threatened them with punishment in the world and in the hereafter; in the world, through imprisoning them, and in the Hereafter, by threatening them of punishment in the hell. Erdogan revived the memory of the great sultans who were known for the coup d’état against friends before enemies, and who invented many methods to get rid of opponents, or those who were suspected to be opponents.

Mustafa Zein noted that Erdogan has paid no attention to the diversity of Turkish society. He provoke the Kurds, violated his promises to them of giving them the right to speak in their language. Erdogan put a number of their deputies in the prisons, and stigmatized them with terrorism. Erdogan began to clean his borders with Syria. He mobilized his army deep into the land where they live in, in a process of clear ethnic purging, and assisted by Syrian armed gangs, and other nationalities expelled from Aleppo and the vicinity of Damascus, and meet with them in ideology.

After Erdogan reassured his full control on the army, the security forces and the media, and he weakened or silenced all his opponents (some in his party), he decided to hold early elections in June to consolidate his authority. His ally in this process was the leader of the Chauvinist Nationalist Movement Dewlat Beheshli.

If he succeeds, Erdogan will dedicate presidential rule, or let us say the dictatorship based on the religious ideology. Thus, the development, that Turkey used to witness since almost 100 years when the Republic was established, would be eliminated so that the dream that many people saw in Turkey as a model of democracy in an Islamic belonging country would be eliminated.



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