Systematic Turkification policy in Afrin targets to change its identity

The Turkish occupation continues its efforts to change the identity and culture of Afrin canton through a series of measures aimed at imposing Turkish language and culture in schools, changing the city's landmarks, destroying and looting historical monuments and sites.


The Turkish occupation of Afrin was not limited to the daily violations against civilians of killing, kidnapping, torture and stealing property, but the violations also affected the culture, heritage and language of the people of the area by imposing a systematic Turkification policy.

After the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries of Afrin canton, the Turkish occupation resumed the revitalization of the Turkification policy or imposing its language and way of life with the dictator Erdogan to continue to revive the policy and imposed it by force in Afrin, which was occupied on 18 March.

Raising Turkish flags and symbols of Turkification policy appeared

The first signs of Turkification policy were manifested in raising Turkish flags throughout the canton and departments and changing the names of the places from Kurdish to Arabic and Turkish, and preventing the use of the Kurdish language, including removing the sign of Avrin hospital and writing it in Turkish and Arabic.

They had destroyed Kawa mourning and change the roundabout name from "Kawa al-Haddad" to "Olive Branch" roundabout. As well as change the name of a "Watani roundabout" to the name of "Recep Tayyip Erdogan", and "Newrouz" to "Salah al-Din" roundabout, also they have changed the name of "the street of al-Telal" to the street of "Artagol" and converting the names of the villages of Afrin canton into Arabic.

Preventing Kurdish language in schools, teach Arabic and Turkish

During the attack by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin, schools were targeted directly. Thousands of students were deprived of the right of education in addition to damage to the school's infrastructure. The Education Committee issued a decision to stop schools to protect students from indiscriminate Turkish shelling.

After the occupation, the Turkish occupation is sought to turkificating the schools and impose the Turkish language along with the Arabic language in the canton's schools, and the teaching of Kurdish language was prohibited, as well as pictures of Erdogan and Turkish flags were raised in schools.

Destroy the monuments of civilizations dating back thousands of years

In order to eliminate the cultures and civilizations in Afrin canton, the Turkish occupation planes targeted archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, including the archaeological site of Brad, located 15 kilometers south of Afrin, and listed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Ain Dara, the site of the Prophet Huri (Quresh), the archaeological hill of Janders, the tomb of St. Maron and the Church of Julianus, one of the oldest churches in the world dating back to the 4th century BC

Demographic change of the canton, seizure of the people's property

Hundreds of displaced families were resettled from al-Gouta and al-Qalamoun in the Damascus countryside in the villages of Rajo district and the villages of Janders district, amid continuing of prohibiting the indigenous people from returning to their homes.

According to the information, the Turkish occupation has settled more than 80 families from the countryside of Homs and Hama in the area of ​​Khirbet Sheran, and the number of settlers is approaching the number of indigenous people in light of the continuing process of demographic change in the area.

Distribution of Turkish IDs to the people of Afrin as refugees

The Turkification policy in Afrin did not stop at the prevention of language and erasure of cultures and civilizations, where the Turkish occupation is seeking to eras the Syrian identity to turn the residents of Afrin to refugees within their territory by granting IDs in Turkish, carrying the words "identity document for foreigners."



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