Tahrir al-Sham shell government forces' positions; Turkish aircraft patrolling border

The mercenaries of Tahrir al-Sham shelled the sites of government forces in the city of Kafr Nabl, south of Idlib, in conjunction with the flight of Turkish fighters along the border strip adjacent to the city of Idlib.

The Turkish occupation carried out sorties along the border strip with Syria; simultaneously, the mercenaries shelled positions of the Syrian government south of Idlib, according to what was reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Meanwhile, after midnight yesterday and this morning, government forces targeted places in Al-Fateerah, Kansafra, Sufuhn, Falifel, Binin, Ibdita, Al-Bara, and Ahsim.

The clashes have escalated in the de-escalation areas between government forces and Turkish mercenaries, at a time when there is talk about preparing a new military operation for government forces with Russian support on Turkish mercenaries on the M4 road.

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