Tal Abyad Military Council vows to continue defending the region

Co-chair of Tal Abyad Military Council, Riyad al-Khalaf, revealed more than "120 violations" committed by Turkish occupation during its last escalation in Ain Issa district and Girê Spi countryside, denouncing the silence of Russian guarantor.

This came through a statement by co-chair of Tal Abyad Military Council, Riyad al-Khalaf, to the media, in which he revealed the outcome of Turkish crimes in Ain Issa district and the countryside of occupied Girê Spi district.

He denounced the continuous Turkish attacks against Ain Issa district and its countryside, and caused human and material damage in a number of villages on the frontlines with Turkish occupation, such as (Al-Hoshan, Khalidiya, Al-Fatisa, Al-Mushayrfa, Sakero, Khfeya al-Wahb, Al-A'arida and Kor Hassan) and other villages.

And he revealed "more than 120 violations" committed by Turkish occupation by various types of weapons, including rocket launchers and heavy and medium artillery, in addition to targeting citizens by drones by Turkish occupation.

Al-Khalaf did not specify the period that Turkish occupation state committed these crimes.

During the past few days, ANHA agency documented the targeting of citizens by Turkish occupation, and the injury of 6 citizens, including a woman and 4 of her children, in Qartage farm (5 km south of Ain Issa), and the injury of Reda Ali Hussein (25 years), as a result of being targeted by drones, on the outskirts of the village Al- Mushayrfa (2 km northeast of Ain Issa).

In his statement, Riyad al-Khalaf denounced the silence of Russian guarantor regarding these crimes, and his failure to abide by his commitments under which they spread in the region.

Russian forces deployed along the frontlines with Turkish occupation to monitor the ceasefire after Sochi Agreement on October 22, 2019.

At the end of his statement, he pledged to defend the lands of Tal Abyad (Girê Spi) district in the face of Turkish occupation attacks and its mercenaries, and to seek to liberate its occupied lands.

It is noteworthy that, on Sunday, Syria Democratic Forces shot down a drone in eastern countryside of Ain Issa district, after targeting a citizen in the countryside of Ain Issa with a suicide drone, as part of legitimate defense of citizens.



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