Tal Ajaja…ancient history of destruction, looting

Tal Ajaja of al-Arisha district in al-Hasakah canton is one of the most important Assyrian historical sites in northeastern Syria, but like other valuable monuments, it has been devastated by IS mercenaries who destroyed statues and cuneiform writings dating back thousands of years.


Al-Hasakah canton is one of the most important cities in al-Jazeera region for its richness of archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, during the control of the IS mercenaries of the area, these sites were destroyed by the mercenaries, in addition to looting and theft of antiquities and selling them to the Turkish occupation.

Among these sites, looted by IS mercenaries, many historical statues were exhumed and destroyed and many excavations were carried out by IS mercenaries of Tal al-Ajaja, which lies on a hill about 50 km from the Iraqi border.

Since the discovery of Tal al-Ajaja site in the nineteenth century, many of its effects were transferred to Syrian museums and others outside the country, while IS mercenaries then put in addition to local smugglers their hand on the remaining monuments were still in the site.

When the site is visited, traces of IS mercenaries' residues are displayed, and the tunnels are scattered throughout the hill and are about 20 meters long, with scattered pottery vessels scattered all over the place.

Residents Ajaja village of al-Aresha district told how the excavation of the remaining monuments was done in random ways after its control by IS mercenaries.

Hamoud al-Saleh, from Ajaja village, pointed out that this hill dates back to the Assyrian era and the nineteenth century and there are many hills on the banks of al-Khabour.

Al-Salih noted that IS mercenaries, after excavations and vandalism, found artifacts that were still buried, from statues and columns, they destroyed some of them while the rest were sold across the Turkish border."

Al-Saleh explained that more than 40% of Tal al-Ajaja had been demolished and bulldozed by IS mercenaries, in addition to digging trenches inside the site of the archaeological site. He added "It has been destroyed for centuries by the priceless archaeological levels of the Assyrian period,"

The parents called on the Antiquities and Tourism Body to attach importance to such sites, which witness the civilizations that have lived in the region, in addition to massacres and practices of IS mercenaries for the eradication of the civilization of the peoples of the area.

It should be noted that Tal al-Ajaja is located about 10 km north of al-Shadadi city and 50 km south of al-Hasakah city.



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