Tal Tamr ... in face of Turkey's weapon of water

The suffering of Tal Tamr district people is increasing in the summer, due to the ongoing cut off  of water supply by the Turkish occupation from the Euphrates River causing a shortage of electric energy, affecting directly the children of the region.

The regions of northeast of Syria have been witnessing since late last June, a noticeable increase in temperatures, in the light of the lack of electricity and water and their frequent because of the shortage of water supply amounts by the Turkish occupation.

High temperatures in the region during the hottest months of the year, causes some diseases, such as diarrhea, due to immunodeficiency and lack of medication.

Omar Abdullah, who is from Tal Tamr district, told our agency, "We have great difficulties in light of the high temperatures and the lack of electricity at the required times. The heat is not tolerated by the elderly, so how can the child withstand it."

Abdullah, who was emergently hospitalizing his daughter in the district of Tal Tamr, indicates that the temperatures greatly affect their children and added, "I have treated my daughter several times due to the high temperature."

Children are exposed to seasonal diseases and all kinds of infections and convulsions, due to the lack of electricity in daylight hours. In case they are available, they sit directly in front of the coolers, increasing chances of contracting diseases.

One of the medical cadres in the hospital of the martyr "Legerin"  Dilo Muhammad Ali, they receive huge numbers of children at the hospital, 70 children per day.

And Muhammad Ali, in the context of his speech, stated that the lack of water and its frequent interruption by the Turkish occupation, and undrinkable water also causes many diseases, such as inflammation of the intestine in children.

In a meeting with the Co-presidency of the Electricity Center in Tal Tamr district, Fahd Samaila said, "Since mid-April, we have been suffering from a shortage of electric power, due to the continued cutting water off the Euphrates and reducing its level."

He said at the end of his speech that "Tal Tamr electricity start from seven in the evening until seven in the morning."

Al- Hasakah city recorded on the 29th of last June, the highest temperature in the world on a scale of / 50 / ° C.



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