Tal Tamr Military Council prevents a possible infighting between an American convoy and a Syrian government forces’ checkpoint

Yesterday night, a checkpoint for the Syrian government forces stopped in the countryside of Tel Tamr, an American patrol heading to Qamishlo and prevented it from passing and shots were fired above it, so that the Tel Tamer Military Council intervened to prevent any fighting between the two parties.

An American patrol was heading last night at about 20:00 from Hasakah towards Qamishlo, and upon passing through the town of Tal Tamr, it was stopped by a Syrian government forces checkpoint, and it was prevented from passing. The checkpoint elements fired bullets over the patrol in addition to placing mines on the highway. This resulted in severe tension between the American forces and the elements of the checkpoint, and at the invitation of the American forces, Tel Tamer Military Council intervened to mediate between the two sides and prevent possible fighting.

After the council mediated and held a meeting between the representatives of the two parties, calm returned to the area.

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