Tayyip Temel: HDP targeted after Gara Defeat

HDPs MP, Tayyip Temel, says that the Turkish State is undergoing a diplomatic stagnation, and that it's interferences in the Middle East were doomed failures '' complete failure in respect to Syria''. 

After the failure met on Mount Gara by both the Justice and Development Party, the AKP, and the Nationalist Movement Party, the MHP, a wide range arrest campaign was undertaken by the AKP against the Peoples' Democratic Party, the HDP, to cover it's crushing failure and to take revenge against the HDP and the Kurdish people.

In this relation, bids to close the HDP are underway as the arrest campaigns are undergoing against it's members, that is been reciprocated by a campaign from the part of the later under ''Justice for All''.

On this among others, deputy co-chair of the party, Tayyip Temel, in question spoke to ANHA.

Temel noted that both the AKP and the MHP accused the opposition after 30 Turkish soldiers were killed in a Russian shelling in the Syrian Idlib, and that in the same period Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, President of the Republican People's Party, was targeted, ''the stagnating situation in Gara, can pave the way to rendering resignations, years ago our party and civil society associations sought to contact families of those prisoners of war, but they were rained with shells though it was knowing that they are present there that led to their murder, though they were supposed to render their resignations or give an account after such an attack, they are rearranging matters and making amendments, for this the government sought after the Gara Defeat to mould this failure into a political campaign against the opposition''.  

the visits paid by Interior Minister Sulaiman Soylu and Defence Minister Hulusi Akar to the parties present at the parliament were merely for this aim as it sought to avoid responsibility, according to Temel, '' this did not meet success for the opposition parties did not stand with the ruling parties that are going to bear responsibility'', Temel said. 

Hence, they tried to make a new alliance via uttering chauvinist and racial slogans and keeping the HDP out of this arena, then to commence a new wave of HDP target, but this did not see life, as Temel believes.

''Perinçek bloc and the MHP that launched the campaign for the closure of the AKP demanding for a very long period of time to close and put an end to the HDP, they utilized the Gara issue into a political campaign for the benefits, but they did nothing for this purpose, some of our MPs were accused arbitrarily, we know very well the reasons behind this, via the attack on the HDP the aim is to weaken all other parties, vial their anti-Kurds  speeches they want to mobilize the fascist and chauvinist elements, as for the second cause it is that the HDP is the sole party that dares to stand up to the ruling fascist alliance that has affected other parties too, for all of these the main target is the Peoples' Democratic Party to impose surrender on'',  Temel said.       

''the Kurds that gave their voices to the AKP for some certain reasons are heading now towards the HDP, there has been a trend that the AKP is deforming and misrepresenting the Islamic values'', he said.

''people are heading to the HDP for it is the guarantee to a political solution, dialogue and negotiations to find a solution to the crisis, via it's policies of alliance and complementarity and via the anti-war and killing approaches either in Kurdistan or in Turkey, for this people's complementarity is essential to stop such attacks, all parties of Kurdistan reject this policy against the HDP, that are going to release a joint statement in the few coming days, for they well are aware that unless such waves stop they will find themselves in the same boat, based on this their stance is vital'', he said.  

Temel noted that all what is s being promoted by the government is ignored, as they continue their campaign under ''Justice for All', to stand up to the policies of isolation, murder, denial, and the anti-Kurds ones, practically we continue our fight, in reality, all bids against the HDP are merely to exterminate the opposition.

At the end, Temel called on the AKP to relinquish hostile policies for ''there has been no power to deter us from participation in elections, and to exit us from the electoral race, we have always go alternative solutions'', he said.



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