Tel Halaf explosion caused by dispute among mercenaries over al-Beitara

A motorcycle and a mine exploded in the town of Tel Halaf, located west of the occupied city of Serêkaniyê.

The sources explained that the two explosions were caused by a dispute among the mercenaries.

Today, two explosions occurred in the town of Tel Halaf west of the occupied city of Serêkaniyê, causing financial damage.

Local sources explained to our agency that the cause of the two explosions was a fighting between al-Hamzat mercenaries and al-Malek Shah mercenaries who are currently in the town of Tel Halaf.

The sources reported that the reason for the disagreement was al-Malek Shah mercenaries seizing of al-Beitara sector in Tel Halaf, while al-Hamzat mercenaries say that the site belongs to them.

The sources confirmed that after the two bombings, there has been great tension in the area, amid the mobilization of both mercenary factions of their forces in the area.

The sources noted that fear and panic is widespread among the people of the region for fear of being victims of clashes that may break out in the area among the mercenaries.


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