Temporary quarantine imposed on Umm Al-Hosh village in Al-Shahba

The Crisis Cell imposed a temporary quarantine on the village of Umm Al-Hosh in Al-Shahba canton, after a demobilized soldier entered the village, suspected of having Corona, as a result of the lack of coordination by the Syrian authorities with the Autonomous Administration.

The Syrian authorities have demobilized a number of soldiers within the army in the past days, and as a result of their lack of coordination with the Autonomous Administration and its irresponsible procedures, one of the demobilized soldiers entered al-Shahba canton. Afterwards, the emergency teams intervened and the necessary tests were taken, and it was found that he had symptoms of the Coronavirus, so he was transferred to Aleppo Hospitals to confirm his condition. He was transferred to Aleppo hospitals to confirm his condition.

The co-chair of the Health Authority in Northern and Eastern Syria, Joan Mustafa, explained that the Syrian authorities do not coordinate with the Autonomous Administration to prevent the appearance of corona, and as a result, a demobilized soldier entered to the village of Um Hosh suspected of being infected with the virus, was transferred to Aleppo hospitals to confirm his condition if he was infected with Corona or not.

Joan Mustafa confirmed that the crisis cell in Al-Shahba district imposed a quarantine on the entire village of Umm Al-Hosh until the condition of the demobilized military was confirmed in terms of health.


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