Tens of thousands demonstrated in Sherawa District

On the fourth anniversary of the start of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries' attacks on Afrin canton, tens of thousands of Afrin residents demonstrated today in Sherawa district, under the slogan "We will increase the pace of resistance to the age and defeat the occupation."

Tens of thousands of IDPs from Afrin and the people of al-Shahba canton gathered on the M5 international road linking the city of Aleppo and the occupied canton of Afrin, carrying olive branches, to denounce the Turkish aggression on Afrin.

They also carried placards that read in Kurdish and Arabic, "We will step up the pace of the “Age Resistance” and defeat the occupation," "Erdogan, the killer of children," "In the spirit of resistance against Ella and Avista, we will defeat the occupation," "The liberation of Afrin is a national issue, the responsibility of all components," as well as the pictures of the martyrs and of the leader Abdullah Ocalan were raised.”

The demonstration started now from the international road amid chanting slogans that salute the “Age Resistance” and the resistance of the Afrin IDPs in the al-Shahba camps, and denouncing the international silence.

The demonstration is scheduled to go to the return camp in Al-Ziyara village in Sherawa district.



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