Tension and shooting within Turkish territory near Kobani

Units of the Turkish occupation army cordoned off a site inside its territory, east of the Kobani canton; After two people tried to cross the border wall since last Monday, with heavy gunfire and the use of grenades.

Sources from the village of Qarmogh, which is 14 km east of the city of Kobani said, "Soldiers of the Turkish occupation fired a hail of bullets during three days towards two people who crossed the border and are still stuck there."

The villagers pointed out that approximately 50 Turkish soldiers, in addition to two armored vehicles, surrounded a valley full of water between the hills in front of the village, and started shooting and throwing grenades towards the two people hiding among the reed weed till now.

The Turkish occupation targeted yesterday, Tuesday morning, the populated houses in the village adjacent to the Turkish border, and the shooting operation did not result in casualties.

The identity of the two individuals has not been determined until now, while their fate is not known due to their presence on the opposite side of the border.

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