Terrorist Abu Muhammad al-Jolani is injured in Turkish government hospital

A Turkish medical source confirmed that the terrorist Abu Mohammed al-Jolani was taken to the government hospital in the Turkish state of Hatay after being hit by an explosion in Idlib yesterday.


A medical source said that the terrorist "Abu Mohammed al-Jolani" was transferred Monday evening to the government hospital in the state of Hatay border with Syria after being seriously wounded during the double bombing on a convoy in the Syrian city of Idlib.

The source said in a statement to the Russian Sputnik agency that "Yesterday evening, a person was seriously injured in the head after a bombing in the Syrian city of Idlib, and moved to the government hospital in the city of Antakya of Hatay state.

The source added: "The person who was transferred to the hospital was injured by shrapnel in the head, resulting in a concussion in the brain and underwent a surgery in the head," adding that "the person who is infected is the terrorist Abu Muhammad al-Jolani."

The source pointed out that "Jolani was placed in the intensive care unit and his condition is serious where he entered into a coma."

Two explosive explosions rocked the city of Idlib by a few minutes, the first caused by an explosive device placed in a car, and the second is a car bomb hit al-Qesor area south of the city of Idlib.

The targeting, which was accompanied by heavy shelling of areas of the so-called demilitarized after the Russian-Turkish meeting in Sochi, Russia.



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