TEV-DEM calls on Kurdistan Democratic Party not to follow Turkish plots

Democratic Society Movement, TEV-DEM, called on Kurdistan Democratic Party and patriotic Kurdistan forces to be vigilant towards conspiring Turkish plots, calling to take national stance that prevents an infighting between Kurdish parties in Başûr.

This came in statement issued by the Democratic Society Movement in the aftermath tensions in the legitimate defense zones, following Kurdistan Democratic Party forces mobilization in areas controlled by Guerilla fighters, the statement reads: 

with the intensification of the escalation due to military operations which are being launched by Turkish occupation using all kinds of brutal practices in its dirty policy, where the fascist state is going through difficult situation and witnessing a state of chaos " ''internally and externally'', and became unable to achieve its aims and its aspirations in the area, is considered occupying government that sponsor terror, which is government internationally unwelcomed."

It has no choice but to insist on an overall occupation of the KRG to foil gains and achievements of the people and striking at the will of our people and its values.   

Turkish occupation Fascist policy against our Kurdish people is clear, which aims to sow discord between the Kurdish parties by exploiting seditions and the "divide to rule" policy, and support fraternal fighting in order to achieve its goals, taking advantage its relation with KDP to implement this policy that never serves the Kurdish people, but it serves plots and schemes of the Turkish fascism, that are known by all patriotic Kurdish powers."

Başûr Kurdistan and our people in Başûr and from all parts of sacrificed their beloved ones for the sake of their freedom and dignity and today it also lives in a critical period due to threats of the fascist Turkey to occupy the whole region." 

We in the Democratic Society Movement, TEV-DEM, called on our people and all Kurdish powers to be vigilant towards this conspiring plots and to be of patriotic stances to prevent any Kurdish infighting between Kurdish parties''.      

We see the importance of this sponsor and attention on the patriotic Kurdish dialogue where we can put an end to '' all moves by the Turkish occupation and working on weakening it and stopping its breaches''. 

We in Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM call on the siblings in the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Kurdistan region to be cautious not to allow them to be dragged into these Turkish tricks, and in our belief in full confidence in the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, which is a national and popular demand.



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