TEV-DEM calls to provide assistances to Rojhilat Kurdistan people

The Kurdistan Society Movement TEV-DEM has offered duty of condolence to the families, who affected by floods that swept Rojhilat Kurdistan, demanding to provide the assistances to the people.

The joint presidency of the Kurdistan Society Movement issued a written statement calling on the people of Kurdistan to provide support to the victims of the floods in Rojhilat "east of Kurdistan."

The statement said: 

Our people in east Kurdistan - Laurstan have been exposed to disaster by the floods, which resulted in killing 80 persons from the Kurds and Iranians, and we offer duty of condolences to the families, who affected by floods and our people in east Kurdistan.

These emergency situations that our people are exposed to as a result of the flood disaster are a great loss for them. It is incumbent upon all the people of Kurdistan in all regions of Kurdistan and abroad and all humanity to assume responsibility and to mobilize all their capabilities in order to provide assistance to those affected.

We appeal to our people in Rojava Kurdistan and our peoples in the north and east of Syria to take urgent action and provide assistance to our people in east Kurdistan and assume their national responsibility towards our people who are facing a great disaster.



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