TEV-DEM: Capturing municipalities a political coup against democracy

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) has described the seizure of municipalities in Bakur Kurdistan as an occupation, and that its goal is to strike the will of the people in Bakur Kurdistan and undermine their legitimate will, and considered it a political coup against democracy, demanding the international community to fulfill its responsibilities towards what is happening, and the people to increase the pace of struggle.

On Tuesday, TEV-DEM has released a written statement regarding the seizure of the municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Wan by the AKP's authorities in Bakur, north Kurdistan

The text read:

"The occupation of the municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Wan is a blow to the will of the people of Bakur Kurdistan and to undermine their legitimate will, which is a fascist political coup against democracy, but in a new way. Disregarding international and human rights laws and charters.

This heinous step came as a result of the coalition of fascists and Islamists and under the supervision of the Turkish occupation government not to tolerate the results of municipal elections in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan and the loss of the largest and most strategic cities, which shows their lack of acceptance of the election results.

The Turkish Justice and Development Government has reaffirmed its position on the peace process put forward by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in his letter that he has the possibility of a democratic solution in Turkey. But they chose the most dangerous position and path, the war on the will on the people.

The situation has become disastrous for creating justifications for itself to carry out more massacres and arbitrary arrests of our people.

This act, which was carried out by the Turkish intelligence agencies and ordered by Erdogan to occupy municipalities, expel representatives of the will of the people and arrest hundreds of citizens, does not serve the principles of brotherhood and fundamental values of man, but only to serve the schemes and projects of hostility and strife between the peoples in Turkey and Bakur, especially between the Kurds and the Turks.

We in Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) condemn and denounce these policies of the dirty government of Justice and Development by imposing its brutal, repressive and on the will of our people.

We call on the international community and international and human rights organizations to undertake their responsibility towards what is going on, and to put pressure on Turkey and work to return the municipalities to their owners.

We also call on our people everywhere to raise the pace of our resistance and our struggle to destroy fascism and brutal policy that fights the will of peoples and break abstractions.

The statement concluded with the words "victory for us."



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