TEV-DEM: Mohammed Ismail's death is great loss

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM pointed out that the death of the national figure Mohammed Ismail, the father of the martyr Qehrman, is a great loss for them as a movement, as well as for the society.


TEV-DEM sent a cable of condolence to the people of the national personality, Mohamed Ismail.

The text of the telegram:

"With great sadness and sorrow, we received the news of the departure of the national figure of the Kurdish cause in general and the Kurdish liberation movement, especially for about four decades.

Mohammed Esmail was one of the first cadres of those who joined the freedom movement in the mountains of Kurdistan.

Mohammed Esmail had a prominent and influential role in all national and social issues in Rojava region.

We in (TEV-DEM) consider his departure a great loss to us as a movement and a society. We will make his departure a commemoration of national cohesion and unity and the struggle for the freedom of our society.



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