TEV-DEM: North Syria components are fortified fortress against Erdogan's policy

TEV-DEM pointed out that Turkey, from its aggression and occupation plan in Syria is targeting the will of all components and the project of peoples' brotherhood, the international silence is pushing things towards catastrophic developments, appealing to the people to expose Erdogan's policies through peaceful and democratic protests and demonstrations


TEV-DEM Center for Diplomatic Relations issued a public statement on Erdogan's recent threats to launch attacks on North Syrian within days.

The text of the statement:

"As the first anniversary of the Turkish fascist attack on Afrin approaches 20-1-2018 and the immoral Turkish violations in Afrin over nearly a year of kidnapping, killing and destruction as well as demographic change, Erdogan has come out with another aggressive stance; Syria through the speech delivered two days ago on 12-12 -2018 which raises the question of the way in which Erdogan has carried his aggression.

The continued development of the negative Turkish role and the escalation of the threat language, culminating in the occupation of Afrin in March of 2018; the language and attitudes that continue to be clearly devoted to the reality of the Turkish state as well as being a state financed and supportive of terrorism, divided the Syrian society, blocking the solution, it is an occupation state in accordance with its illegal presence on Syrian territory and its abolition of the history and identity of the areas in which it is located, particularly Afrin; the Turkish state contributes to an important hit for all Syrians, the project of victory over terrorism and the democratic project in Syria, which is characterized by being a project that represents the will of various Syrian components in addition to the state of partnership and coexistence.

Turkey aims at finding the alternatives of conflict and fighting among the Syrian components by striking at the project of our democratic people, which failed all plans which wanted to create conflict, rivalry and sectarian clashes, especially in the absence of any arguments,  but the international silence in front of the Turkish fascism in Afrin and the bombing of aircraft gives Erdogan a strong impetus to escalate his language and expand the scope of his aggression and plan to distort the reality and identity of the original region as he did in Afrin through the policy of demographic change which is still ongoing and very serious and wants to continue to eliminate the free will in areas where there is no terrorism nor any Turkish role.

Erdogan also wants through his threats to North-East areas of Syria to deceive the Turkish public opinion and to turn the attention on the course of things in the interior of Turkey cases of corruption, the monopoly of power, the emergency law in addition to the arrest and dismissal of thousands of employees and journalists and intellectuals, including elected parliamentarians of the people, he wants to take revenge to IS, whose in its last breath in Syria by the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces. Where on one hand, he is making concessions to prevent the end of terrorism and beating them in Idlib. He is helping those in Azaz, al-Bab, Jarblus and Afrin. On the other hand, he wants to attack on the stable areas, which in his view poses a threat to extremism in Syria, where stability leads to the reduction of the extremist role that does not suit Erdogan and his policies in Syria.

We in (TEV-DEM) strongly condemn the Turkish threats against Erdogan in North Syria. We also condemn the Turkish occupation in all parts of Syria. We see the recent threats as serious against the peoples' brotherhood through the hostility shown by Erdogan against the Kurdish people. This is the pretext to attack all the other components, Erdogan's threats targeting the state of stability and the democratic project in our region, which are complementary positions and policy to what appeared in Afrin, we assure to the world that the international silence in violation of Turkey's international covenants and conventions and ethics push things towards catastrophic developments, In addition to the birth of a new danger in the area, which is the risk of striking stability and the will of the Syrian components and the aggravation of the situation in Syria in a way that increases the chaos and war and thus further destruction and victims.

We also call upon the people of Syria, throughout Syria and the world, and in other parts of Kurdistan, to expose Erdogan's policies through peaceful and democratic protests and demonstrations. We ask the international public opinion, as well as the United Nations, human rights and humanitarian institutions, the European Union, the states that are active and keen on stability in Syria, all parties and political and democratic organizations in the world to take their responsible positions against the unjustified escalation and aggression of Turkey.

Erdogan's aggression and attack on North Syria is wide as it will continue its aggression and expansionist plans to redraw the region according to the reign of the Ottoman sultanate, which is considered an important legacy and traitor to Erdogan in the destruction and wars and the destabilization and created conflicts in the region. Turkish bombing comes on villages in Sengal and Maxmour in the evening of 13-12-2018 in the context of expanding Erdogan's attacks and targeting the entire region, which confirms that Basur Kurdistan is also in danger.

In conclusion, we affirm that North Syria and its various components of Kurd, Arab, Syriac, Assyrian, Circassian, Armenian, Celdans represent a strong fortress against Erdogan's policy, also we believe in the history of our resistance people to be united in front of the fascist attack, because the components of our people are committed to their national responsibilities.



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