TEV-DEM: People of the region must organize ranks to confront Turkey's threats

TEV-DEM urged peoples of NES to organize ranks to stand in the face of Turkish threats and said, "The criminal policies of the AKP government and the Turkish National Movement are taking Turkey towards crimes against humanity".

Erdogan seeks to complete his occupation policies in Syria through the safe zone so he launches attacks on NE Syria, and trties to legalize its crimes in the region.

Today, the Movement for Democratic Society issued a statement, confirming that " the direct threats of the head of the Turkish criminal regime regarding the establishment of a safe area along the border strip and inside the occupied Syrian territories is a weakness of the will of this fascist regime, which has become unable to confront the difficult stage internally and externally." It is heading towards political failure.

The Democratic Society Movement indicated that "the political arrangements that it called "deceptive" organized by the Turkish regime in international forums, such as Astana, and its visits to many countries; its main objective is to obtain support to wage a major war against the will of our Kurdish people.

The movement's statement stressed that the criminal policies of the Justice and Development Party government and the Turkish National Movement "are taking Turkey towards crime against humanity, whereas the international community has become anxious and helpless about these crimes, and this is what puts Turkey's future on the edge of the abyss."

It added that the future Turkish governments will pay the price for Erdogan's crimes before the international courts, and successive governments that evaded the crimes and genocides carried out by the Ottoman thugs against the peoples of the entire region could not be evaded.

TEV-DEM, in its statement, urged the peoples of the region to unite against Turkey's threats and said, "We urge the peoples of the region to organize ranks, cohesion and raise the level of our resistance in protecting our values ​​and gains to face the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries."

The statement concluded by saying"despite the repeated appeals and calls of the international and regional community to carry out its moral duties to protect the will of the peoples from Turkish threats, however the international community remains silent about Turkey's criminal political actions, and this is what makes societies lose confidence in the international community."

"We renew our call to the international community - especially the countries guarantor of the ceasefire - to define their positions towards the Turkish aggression on the region.



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