TEV-DEM: We will make every year Newroz against occupation everywhere

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM has congratulated the Kurdish, Kurdistan peoples and world peoples on the day of Newroz. And said " Every year we celebrate the anniversary of freedom and freedom. Stressing "We will make the whole year Newroz against the occupation everywhere, we will make Newroz the basis for the liberation of Afrin from the occupation."


The TEV-DEM issued a statement to the public opinion, especially the Kurdish and Kurdistan peoples and the peoples of the world on the occasion of Newroz 2019, and noted that Newroz is the day of freedom and resistance, the day we live every day, blessed by our Kurdish people and Kurdistan and the peoples of the world.

TEV-DEM has shown that Newroz is not a normal day in the lives of our people and peoples of the region because of its great historical significance and influence in our lives for more than 2,600 years, and we have made it as great day from Kawa al-Hadad to Kawa al- Asr and Ocalan freedom, and Leyla Guven 's resistance, which had turned her resistance to break the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan, but all the events and positions will become means to achieve freedom for the leader and all prisoners of conscience, Leyla Guven is no longer just a person ,but a philosophy of peaceful resistance to achieve higher and higher goals

"Newroz has become a spirit that we live in everywhere, from prisons to mountains, villages, cities and all the world's squares," TEV-DEM explained "We receive Newroz this year and we are breaking the restrictions of intellectual and physical terrorism, we are living historical moments of victory similar to the collapse of Kawa al-Hadad for the dictatorship of injustice, And the people were destroyed  to the castle of terrorism and murder and raise the banner of freedom fire from inside of the oppressor palace dictator."

TEV-DEM: "We in the TEV-DEM are continuing our peaceful, societal democratic struggle in the organization of a free society united and free in the face of the systems and constraints that prevent and obstruct social development and work to remove all forms of discrimination and division among the members of society on the basis of the democratic nation's philosophy and the coexistence among all peoples and religions and sects and beliefs, to establish social structure free from all forms of intellectual pollution, to reach a decent ecological society in the spirit of Newroz and the essence of this day, to become all our days Newroz.

TEV-DEM: We will make every year Newroz against occupation everywhere

The TEV-DEM congratulated the Kurdish and Kurdistan people and the peoples of the world on the day of Newroz. "Every year we celebrate Newroz as a holiday of freedom," she said. "We will make every year a Newroz against the occupation everywhere.



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