TEV-DEM: what achieved of sacrifices on Şengal land granted what we witness now

The Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM condemned the 6 annual attacks on Şengal massacre, and said, "What mercenaries have not been able to achieve in Şengal, today Erdogan launches attacks on Şengal and killed civilians, and we confirm that the sacrifices made on the land of Şengal paved the way and paved the way for what we have reached today. ".

In conjunction with the sixth anniversary of Şengal massacre committed by ISIS mercenaries in 2014 against the Yazidi community, the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM issued a statement to the public.

The statement conveyed its condolences to the general Yezidi people who were the victims of the massacre, and stated:

To world public opinion

We condemn and denounce Şengal massacre of killing, slaughtering, displacement, assault and rape of women, children and the elderly. These practices were aimed at the extermination of the Yezidi people and the eradication of its culture and history, and the goal of their displacement was the demographic change in that region, what these terrorist groups did in Şengal was nothing but a stain on the forehead of all humanity, when these forces committed horrible crimes have never seen before modern history, including racial, sectarian and religious genocide, for a peaceful people who never assaulted anyone, but were a symbol tolerance and peace.

Where these terrorist groups used all kinds of conventional, sophisticated and internationally prohibited weapons. "They committed horrific brutal massacres, transcending all human values, international norms and human rights. They did not differentiate between children, women and elderly people, and even archaeological sites were not safe from them because they wanted to obliterate and destroy the historical legacy of all the components that live Şengal and what these terrorist groups have not been able to achieve in Şengal, today Erdogan, who supports these terrorist groups, continues to launch attacks on Şengal and kill more civilians, and what Erdogan is doing is not only a war against the Yezidis, but a war against every Kurd in any a geographical area on this Earth.

We also condemn the inability of the entire world and the inability of international powers and organizations to achieve peace and defense for the Yazidi people, and their inability to stop the blood that was spilling, as there were no resistance in the battlefields other than the children of Şengal, the Şengal Protection Units and the Women's Protection Units YPJ, they made sacrifices in the greatest heroic and defensive form recorded in history, for their faith in their people and their land, the sacrifices made on the land of Şengal paved the way and paved the way for what we have reached today.

We in TEV-DEM renew our condolences to ourselves, to the general Yezidi people, and to the Yezidi families who were victims of this inhuman massacre, and we affirm our solidarity with the Yazidi people so that injustice and aggression is lifted from them.

The statement concluded with the slogan, "Glory and eternity to the martyrs of Şengal's resistance.".



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