The farmers' crops are again on fire in Tirbe Spiyê, Tel Hamis

On Wednesday, fire broke out in large areas of agricultural land in the villages of Tirbe Spiyê and Tel Hamis, and firefighting and emergency teams, in cooperation with the people, rushed to extinguish them.

On Wednesday afternoon, a fire broke out in the village of Farisu in the village of Tel Ma'arof, related to Tirbe Spiyê area, and fire extended to the neighboring villages between Tirbe Spiyê and Tel Hamis districts. Firefighting and emergency teams in both of the districts, villagers, and fire engines from Qamishlo rushed immediately to extinguish the fire.

The fire burned 15 kilometers of agricultural land, estimated at about 5 thousand hectares were planted with wheat and barley.

The villages that have been damaged are: "Farsuk, Damarji, Umm Izam Huraith, Abtakah, Abtakh al-Fawqani, Umm Jafar and Al-Naam."

It is noteworthy that the agricultural crops in the area of ​​Tirbe Spiyê and Tel Hamis were exposed several times to the fires which claimed 10 hectares from the villages of Shalhoumia in Tirbe Spiyê and hundreds of hectares of the lands of Naam in Tel Hamis during the past two days.


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