'The international community must uphold its duty towards the people who resisted terrorism'

Arab politicians have pointed out that together with the components of northern and eastern Syria, IS has been defeated and that SDF has fought and are now fighting on behalf of the whole world. The international community must do its duty towards these forces and the people who have resisted terrorism.


Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign continues in its last days. According to a statement issued by the Syrian Democratic Forces on February 16, the forces besieged mercenaries in a small area in Hajin area, estimated at between 700 and 600 m2. In this context, this victory is great and was awaited by the whole world.

Ibrahim al-Thalaj, the official in the Party of Modernity and Democracy said that this is very happy news and a remarkable achievement in terms of getting rid of IS that threatened all humanity, and terrorized all the people present on this land through terrorism and its extremists."

The extremist ideology must be confronted with democratic thought

Ibrahim al-Thalaj said that in the next few days, SDF will prevail over mercenaries, but they IS will continue to strengthen its terrorist work through extremist ideology, he added, "We all have to meet this terrorist ideology with democratic thought and free thought that saves all humanity from terrorism."

By the peoples' fraternity IS was defeated

Muhammad al-Mohammed the  administrator in the Arab National Commission pointed out that the sacrifices made by the sons of the north and east of Syria against the "terrorist" from Dêrik to Tirbespiyê and the rest of the north and east of Syria and the end of Deir ez-Zor crowned with success and defeated IS thanks to all components of the Kurds, Arabs, and Syriac.

Mohammed appealed to all peoples in the region to stand side by side, build a democratic system and move away from outside agreements.

SDF are fighting on behalf of the whole world

Adnan Ezzo, an administrative member of the Democratic Conservative Party, said that SDF fought on behalf of the entire world against the "terrorism" of mercenaries. He said, "the whole world saw the resistance of these people until it defeated IS."

 He noted that our martyrs have protected the region and we must reject any conspiracy or external intervention aimed at creating strife or occupation of the region, and the international community must do its duty towards these forces and the people who resisted terrorism in the region.



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