The Iranian carrier closes the tracking system amid growing uncertainty about destination

The Iranian oil tanker, monitored by the United States, has suspended its tracking system for more than 13 hours, leading to renewed speculation and suspicions that it is heading to Syria.

The tanker Adrian Daria 1, formerly known as Grace 1, shut down its automatic identification system on Monday evening and was not yet operational, Al Arabiya reported.

The ship's tracking site, Marine Traffic, had shown earlier on Monday that the tanker had slowed off the Lebanese coast, after several reports that it was heading towards the Syrian port of Tartous, and the automatic identification system of the ship showed days before the carrier's departure to ports in Greece and Turkey.

Ambiguity and inconsistency over its destination

However, the Turkish Foreign Minister announced a few days ago that it would go to Lebanon, which was denied by Lebanese officials, to return and back from what he announced.

Iran's International Channel on Saturday quoted an informed source that the owner of the Iranian tanker Adrian Derya-1 sold the tanker's oil to a Lebanese company, while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo later confirmed that it was heading to a refinery in Syria.

He claimed that the ship will go to Tartous to unload 2.1 million barrels of Iranian crude oil, worth $ 130 million.

On the other hand, Iranian officials did not specify the destination of the tanker, although they said that the cargo was sold to an unidentified buyer.

The United States had warned countries against accepting Adrian Daria 1. On Friday, the US Treasury listed the tanker on its blacklist.

Britain seized the tanker off Gibraltar in July on suspicion of carrying Iranian oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions, then the Gibraltar government released the tanker, held since July 4, in August 15, despite a previous US request to seize it, and it has been sailing since then wandering without a specific destination.


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