The journey of death…Hours of conflict for survival

Thousands of civilians walk for hours amid the intensification of the fighting, fleeing Daesh to the liberated areas of SDF in a journey seeking for survival.


The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF announced a few days ago its last battle against Daesh to liberate the last pocket in al-Bagouz area, which is considered the strategic point collecting the foreign mercenaries, in addition of being a launching point for their attacks on north Syria and SDF points in al-Jazeera region.

Al-Bagouz is used as a transit point to Iraq and vice versa, Daesh had turned it into an industrial zone that manufactures and stores all its military and logistic equipment that it used to enter from Iraq into the Syrian territory and distribute it to the rest of the country. It has also become a hosting center of thousands of foreign mercenaries, including Turkish, Pakistani, Iraqi, French, Saudi, Moroccan and Russian.

They were using the civilians as human shields to protect themselves, and slow down the SDF advancing, keeping thousands of them in Hajin area, the basic stronghold in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

On the rugged roads and mountains, the people, most of them women and children and the elderly are forced to walk for long hours on a journey as they search for life in the death shadow.

They are walking for hours to reach the SDF points conflicting the coldness, the IS snipers, and mines planted on their road, where you find injuries among them.

Due to the harsh conditions under the IS control, the civilians had to eat grass, and some children died of starvation.  

After arriving at the safe areas, SDF received them, and provided them with food and drink, then take the basic information of the families and their nationalities, to send then to al-Hol camp by vehicles SDF allocated to protect them on the road.



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