'The Kurdish people achieved great victories thanks to Ocalan's thought'

The Kurdish people have organized themselves and achieved great victories thanks to the philosophy of our leader, Ocalan," said Amira Aziz, a resident of al-Shahba canton.


National figures who met with the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan recalls their first meeting with him, who live the details of that day on a daily basis, including the citizen Amira Aziz, 86 years old of the people of Ahres district in al-Shahba canton.

Our agency ANHA interviewed with the mother Amira who met the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan in 1989 in Damascus.

At the beginning, Amira recalled the moments of her meeting with the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, where she did not know that she would meet him during a meeting held for the people of northern Syria in Damascus, and indicated that when she arrived in the neighborhood of Reken al-Din "I felt a strange feeling of  greatness, and enthusiasm because I saw the leader and heard his voice."

She added, "More than 300 people from different parts of northern Syria have gone to the meeting without knowing who will hold the meeting, when the leader entered the meeting room, everyone was surprised by the prestige, the greatness of his presence and his character."

Amira said, "The leader in the meeting referred to the Kurdish cause and the concept of the democratic nation and focused on the unity of the peoples' fraternity and noted that the democracy is the most appropriate solution to the crisis, solving the Middle East issue and the need for coexistence to achieve peace."

Amira said that the leader said that no one recognizes the existence of the Kurdish people in the world, and the leader asked the Kurdish people  to demand their rights and maintain their will, and the need to deepen the thought and self-development and protect themselves."

Amira praised the victories achieved by the Kurdish people over the past years adding, "The Kurdish people are organizing themselves, and their existence which was achieved by the thought and philosophy of the leader Ocalan."



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